Christian Life Coach Training and Certification


What our students say about their experience
"After researching the various directions I could go for coaching certification, I believe CCI was the best option for me. First, the program had the Christian foundation I was looking for. It was also well designed. I acquired the knowledge, gained experience, and from the start was very confident in working with clients to be a blessing and help them achieve results."

Deanne Moriarty, CCLC
"In 2010 I felt God’s leading to explore the world of Life Coaching. After searching several different options for training in this profession/ministry, I was drawn to Christian Coach Institute. From the first time I watched Janice Lavore Fletcher’s introductory video on-line I was drawn to her warmth, her Godly focus and her professionalism. My training with CCI has gone far beyond what my expectations were for a training program. Through interactive webinars, an excellent training manual, practicum experience, and multiple resources, I feel that I have been well trained to be a Christian life coach and able to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and groups. I continue to benefit greatly from the care and continuing opportunities for growth and networking offered to CCI Alumni from Janice and her staff. I highly recommend CCI and know that God will continue to bless and expand this training ministry."

Carla Kidd, CCLC, BCC, CHBC
"I was looking for a solid foundation in coach training, and CCI's process of interviewing you to make sure you have the same beliefs, and that the foundation is Jesus Christ, was huge! Being all on the same page biblically was paramount and refreshing! Knowing that our life purpose is given to us from God, helps us stay focused on trusting in Him. CCI exceeded my expectations in the area of self-awareness and growth. Without knowing who you really are and why you were put on this earth, makes it more of a challenge to coach others through their growth. I feel I am trying to listen to God more and do things His way and in His timing, instead of mine, which is a big challenge for me, but a good challenge!"

Ali McWilliams, CCLC
"I was searching for a quality coach training program, but found so much more. A great self-discovery piece, visioneering that helped unlock my dreams, on-going alumni support, and the privilege of walking alongside some great God loving, God led people were all added benefits to a great training program. Thanks to CCI, I am now equipped and helping others live the success-filled life they envision."

Cammy Dennison, CCLC
"If you take this course to get the skill-sets needed for successful "Christian Life Coaching" you are guaranteed to walk away with so much more!"

Ramona Shelton, CCLC
"This training was exactly what I was looking for! It was Christ centered in the way I had hoped it would be. It equipped me to coach and walk out my passion and calling, prepared me to set up and market my business and it has blessed me with a network of amazing Christian coaches. I could not have asked for more! "

Marvae Eikanas, CCLC
"My experience at Christian Coach Institute exceeded all my expectations and was invaluable to me not only as a Christian Life Coach but personally as well. Janice and her team will educate, equip and encourage you as they meet you right where you are. I recommend Christian Coach Institute to anyone interested in becoming a Christian Life Coach."

Elizabeth Cory, CCLC
"I LOVED this course! It was exactly what I needed and the timing could not have been better. I enjoyed the variety of learning formats, so the live webinar, audio conferencing, discussion board and peer coaching were all very invaluable experiences for me - and I made some amazing friends over the 16 weeks! This had to be God's doing because it was so much more than I imagined."

Florence Bell, CCLC
"I entered CCI with hopeful expectations that I would leave the program with the tools needed to be a great coach! At all times, I felt encouraged, supported and oftentimes carried along by Janice, our GA (Nancy), and my fellow students. Even though I have just recently graduated from our class, I feel able and ready to coach my clients. I would highly recommend CCI for anyone who wants to be a great coach and to be used by God in helping others."

Laura Hoy, CPLC
"This training not only provided the opportunity to learn and practice the competencies of Christian coaching, but it enriched my faith walk. Through CCI I got to create bonds of support and encouragement which are very rare in life. The overall experience and relationships far exceed the cost of this training. You've somehow been led to Christian Coach Institute, don't hesitate to sign up!!"

Linda Stephens-Jones, CPLC