Christian Life Coach Training and Certification


What our students say about their experience
"Registering for this program was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was overwhelmed by the level of excellence in every aspect of this program. I didn't think it would be possible when I started, but I now feel completely prepared and ready to have a successful coaching business and I am excited and grateful for the future I have because of what I learned at CCI."

Kerry Connelly, CPLC
"Christian Coach Institute has done an exemplary job of preparing me to be a Life Coach! The textbooks we used provided a rich resource of wisdom and experience in the details surrounding coaching. But this training went so much further and provided live opportunities to practice coaching and observe excellent coaches in action. It also provided a warm, accepting, encouraging environment in which to learn, ask questions, and develop coaching skills. If that weren't enough, it provided for a great community of others learning alongside me. I can't recommend this program highly enough!"

Dori Olsen, CPLC
"During my years of full-time ministry, there were many times I would find myself in conversations where I didn't know what to say or how to help people move forward. CCI equipped me not only as a professional coach, but as a wife, mom and friend, to be able to ask good questions and navigate conversations in a way that is practical, life giving and Christ centered. I highly recommend CCI to anyone who wants to have tools that work to encourage others in true and lasting life change."

Jenn Anderson
"As a graduate of CCI, I am confidently prepared to fulfill God's unique plan for my life as a Coach. Janice's emphasis on process is refreshing and the coursework is varied and engaging. As I have opportunity as a coach to invest in the success of others, I will always be grateful for my training at CCI."

Vicki Lunsford
"The Lord has used the Christian Coach Institute in a powerful way in my life. The training materials were highly effective and stimulating, and the training itself was very effective. Each piece of the program contributed to an incredibly motivating and effective experience. I feel well-equipped to be an excellent Christian Life Coach."

Carie Roth, CPLC
"CCI is a magnificent place to grow as a person, as a Christian, and as a coach. The materials, the presentations, and the work were all beneficial to a number of areas in my life. This has been the BEST 'schooling' I have ever received."

Nancy Hanna, CCLC
"I am so grateful for the training I received from Janice and her team at Christian Coach Institute! Not only did I received excellent coach training, but I also grew spiritually, made everlasting friendships, and grew personally in ways I never expected. If you are a Christian and are interested in coaching, jump in. Invest in yourself - and then pour out your bounty on others. I give CCI my highest recommendation!"

Connie Koprowicz, CPLC, CDC
"If you want to grow in your knowledge of God, your knowledge of yourself, and your knowledge of how you can best help others, the Certified Christian Life Coach program at Christian Coach Institute will help you in all these areas, in addition to making lifelong friends and creating an immediate network to fuel your coaching career! Do it for others and do it for yourself but watch God get all the glory"

Michelle Hill, CCLC, CDC
"This course for me was a divine appointment! Life changing---I know these two words are used often but it has to be said. Whether you desire to become a life coach or not I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to take an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit. There are gifts and talents placed within all of us I believe but we may never open the gift by simply never allowing ourselves to be stretched. Sometimes, we need to get a little uncomfortable to move to the next season in our lives. Human nature and life tends to pull us in so many directions and keep us busy with important issues. This course gave me the commitment opportunity to go deeper with God and really hear what he was saying to me. There are many voices speaking to us in this world and I would encourage anyone who desires to hear the most important voice for our future...take the course...Hear what God would say to you....apply yourself wholly to the work and you will open a door of intimate answers!"

Brenda Martin, CPLC
"Janice, I can't thank you enough for the DISC Certification training provided by Christian Coach Institute. I especially appreciated the one-on-one time that you took after class to help me get clarity on my DISC profile. You operate your program with such openness and generosity. This generous spirit interwoven throughout everything you do - from your response to my initial inquiry to your follow up after the last session. In addition, it was so refreshing to participate in a program that started with prayer and had a focus on God. So many professional development programs today neglect the spiritual aspect. The training and certification that I acquired is extremely useful in my practice and has positioned me to deliver better services to my clients. I've already facilitated a DISC Personality Workshop for Sales Professionals and recently received approval to provide DISC training to one of my business clients. I look forward to delivering workshops, developing my expertise and helping others to master their relationships through the understanding of DISC. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and talents."

Andrea Richards Scott, CHBC