Christian Life Coach Training and Certification


What our students say about their experience
"For four years I looked into many possible Christian Life Coach training programs and I was so hesitant to spend the money. But I decided this was so important to increase my coaching skills that after a lot of research and prayer I decided to go with CCI. This program exceeded my expectations in so many ways! I'm so glad that I did this course and I highly recommend it to everyone. It has taken me to the next level of coaching and has set me up for success in the future. Thank you Janice!"

Karen Foster
"I truly believe that if I had taken life coach training at any other school I would have been just a student, but at CCI I know I am more than a student, I am a part of a group of leaders who are moving ahead and thriving in the area of life coaching. I have not only learned how to be successful in coaching but I have developed life skills that are also making me a better person overall. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group! "

Nancy Stevens, CPLC
"Completing the Christian coach training at CCI has been life-changing. I found solid training, genuine support, personal and professional challenge, and authentic community. Through this journey, I've been able to create the foundation I need to have the coaching career I feel called to. For me, this experience cultivated greater passion for and understanding of serving people through coaching and in life. I gained clarity for my mission and practical skills and knowledge for bringing my mission to life. Thank you to Janice, the CCI team and my co-students for making this such a rich experience!"

Brooke Knipp
"There are too many words needed to express all my thoughts and experiences concerning my training with CCI. Janice is part of building and strengthening God's Kingdom, and has trusted and allowed herself to be used as God Himself calls and equips His children. As CCI graduates, we have experienced personal growth and professional training to make meaningful and enriching impacts on our communities and the coaching profession. CCI will forever be a foundational part of my life story, and I'm forever grateful."

Chandelle Claassen
"If you are seeking Life coach training from a Biblical world view, Christian Coach Institute is unbeatable! Every aspect of this training process is done with excellence. I cannot say enough about the quality of my experience during the 16 weeks of training. Janice Lavore Fletcher and her coaching team are master trainers."

Larry Curtis, CPLC
"Christian Coach Institute is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive programs available. Following ICF standards, the training is delivered in such a warm Christian manner. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Janice LaVore-Fletcher is a wonderful instructor with a thorough knowledge of the material and expertise in sharing it. I feel prepared to set up my business of coaching using the tools that have been introduced to me through Christian Coach Institute."

Judy McConnell
"I have been looking for almost a year for the right coach training program. CCI was the right choice. It has been designed with a spirit of excellence and integrity. I not only got better training than I could have possibly hoped for, I grew in my relationship with God and the people around me. It was worth every penny!"

Renee Hixson, CPLC
"Christian Coach Institute's Christian Life Coach Training program is excellent. I wish I had enrolled at CCI when I first decided to become a coach instead of doing a self-paced course. The program provided relevant and valuable information in Christian coaching, starting from self-awareness, to coaching skills, to starting and marketing your business. Janice is an excellent instructor. She is authentic, caring, and so generous with giving advice and encouragement. She provided the best material to learn from to be a Christian coach. I recommend Christian Coach Institute to anyone who wants to become a professional coach."

Ellen Moody
"I would give CCI the highest recommendation I can. I knew going in that upon completion of the program, I would become a better person. That happened as I learned a lot about me. Secondly, I knew I would be well-trained to coach. The training exceeded my expectations. Also, because of the training, I was able to get a much better feel for how I am to use the training in what I now know I was called to do. "

Ken Morrow, CPLC
"There is so much to be grateful for. I do absolutely believe that CCI and Janice are anointed to be doing this work. In my personal experience it has been rare that the secular world and God’s kingdom meets up as well integrated as CCI does it. CCI was exactly what I was looking for when I set out to be trained and my expectations were exceeded. God is good. The program is well designed and delivers with first rate quality, which includes the quality of the "teachers". I have the highest regard and respect for the program and all of you! This comes from a guy who has a softer exterior and a softer heart (thank you Jesus) but still has the high expectations of a no-nonsense, results-driven battle scarred business veteran. "

Fred Bartels, CPLC