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7 Forms Every Christian Coach Needs in Their Toolkit

Coaching forms are an important resource that every life coach should have in their coaching toolkit. Using coaching intake forms can help you quickly learn about your clients.  Pre and post coaching session forms can help your client bring focus to their coaching sessions and help them appreciate the value of the session after it is completed.

These and other forms can serve as ‘templates’ for working with your clients.

A Code of Ethics provides a set of guidelines and standards for daily decision making, but it can also serve as a model for your life coaching business, clarifying your mission, goals, values and guidelines for professional behavior.  A code of ethics will also allow your clients to establish a sense of trust and confidence in you, as they can know ahead of time how you will deal with sensitive issues and gray areas.

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7 must-have coaching forms

Get 7 FREE Forms EVERY coach needs in their toolkit.

Coaching is a profession and you need a proven system in place for success!

– “Are You Coachable?” Assessment
– Client On-Board Packet
– Christian Coaching Code of Ethics
– Client Coaching Agreement
– Coaching Introduction to Client
– Pre-Coaching Prep Form for Clients
– Post-Coaching Feedback to Coach

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