Christian Life Coach Training and Certification


What our students say about their experience
"Janice, I would like to thank you again. Having just completed the 16 week CCLC program through Christian Coach Institute, I am still absorbing the incredible value I received through your course. I took the course hoping for both personal and professional growth. I was absolutely amazed at how beautifully it offers both. Personally, I feel I know and appreciate myself and others much more than before I began and professionally it has opened up a whole realm of possibilities in the coaching field that I had always wondered about in the past. This is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself; Rich, Rewarding and Life-changing! Thank you!!! "

Melissa Klassen
“Janice is a visionary trainer that developed the top notch Christian Coach Institute that delivered in every sense of the word all that was promised and then some. Each phase of the training I received brought me to a higher form of Spiritual growth and learning how to be a Christian, a husband & father, and a life coach of excellence. She delivers her courses with higher quality and more quantity than you could have thought possible. I highly recommend Janice and Christian Coach Institute. She is without a doubt, Coach of the Year in my book.”

Pastor Joseph Cardile
“WOW— What an incredible experience this class has been. Being coached and journeying through Christian Coach Institute Certification process has totally changed my life. I have experienced tremendous personal growth from the training. As a student, I was edified, empowered and equipped with priceless skills that will serve me throughout life both professionally and personally. Janice and her team operates in the “spirit of excellence.” I’m thoroughly pleased and grateful for the connection and can highly recommend Christian Coach Institute to anyone aspiring to become a professional coach, provided they are prepared to work hard and have fun!”

Felicia Lynch
“My long time dream was to become a certified life coach. It was important to me to find the right school with a quality program that I could afford. The Lord lead me to Christian Coach Institute but I kept dragging my feet. I finally enrolled and from the very beginning I was amazed with Janice and CCI. CCI's Christ centered program is perfectly planned to take you through every step of the process. It was an amazing personal and spiritual journey - a transformation and experience I will never forget. When I graduated I felt confident, well trained and fully prepared. Janice and CCI delivered much more than promised and exceeded every expectation. If the Lord brought you here and you are reading my words don't wait. He has a wonderful journey planned just for you here at CCI."

Elizabeth York
"My experience with Janice and the training I received as a coach through the Christian Coach Institute was superb. It challenged me and awakened me to the purpose I have been seeking to fill. It affirmed the truth of scripture and trained me to apply it in a manner that will ultimately please my Creator."

Kevin Lewis
"When I came to Christian Coach Institute I had a vague idea of what I thought God was leading me to do. After only a few weeks in this program, it became crystal clear to me that God was turning me into a coach. Thanks to Janice and her staff for their wonderful training and their Godly attitudes."

Mark Pritchard
"CCI is not a "fly-by night" course, but it is a life-transforming and thorough course. If you want to be challenged and changed all while learning how to transform the lives of others, then you've found the right Christian Coaching class!"

Antoine Hall
"This is a course that will change your life. If God is leading you in this direction, I highly recommend that you consider it. The training and relationships that you make are valuable and enriching. Janice is a top notch leader and facilitator. You will come away equipped for a life coaching career and be energized in your faith as well."

B. Bratches
"The CCLC course has been far more spiritually nourishing than I ever imagined. Not only do I have a mission to be a Coach, but I have a God vision for how to implement it thanks to this course. I highly recommend CCLC to anyone who wants to incorporate coaching into their lives and gain a deeper relationship with God along the way."

Iris Goodrum
Christian Coach Institute has given me the roots I need to stay grounded in the practice of Christian Life Coaching, and the wings and confidence to challenge my clients to soar to places they have only dreamed of going.

Sherri King