Christian Life Coach Training and Certification

Life Values Cards

The 52 Life Values Cards are pre-printed with words such as creativity, loyalty, and teamwork so that participants can identify and record the values that are most meaningful to them. Each value card has a corresponding affirmation and scripture. We’ve included two sample Life Value Cards, one for the life value of Forgiveness and one for the life value Competence.

Forgiveness and Competence Life Value Cards

The Value of Using Life Value Cards

We created the Life Harmony Values Cards as a tool to help your clients identify and explore the values that are most important to them. Values drive our decision-making process, and we know that the more our decisions are aligned with our core life values, the more fulfilling our lives will be. By being aware of these values, your clients will be better able to make decisions and take actions that are consistent with their most closely held beliefs, which, in turn, will enhance their personal authenticity.


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