Christian Life Coach Training and Certification


What our students say about their experience
"When I began my search initially CCI didn't pop up. I made the decision to attend the intro class with Janice. God answered my prayers, all my concerns from the live class I had enrolled in, were addressed in Janice opening session. I could sense the passion that she had for what she was doing and just wanted to be a part of it. Also, to my surprise the training was half the cost of the in person class I enrolled in, and I didn't have to burn 12 very precious vacation days. I am so grateful that God showed me CCI, This has been an incredible journey over a very short time. Thanks so everyone who helps make CCI run so smoothly. God Bless you all!"

Donna Duren, CPLC
"I have always been a good consultant. My prophetic voice and leadership ability gets people to move forward.... but becoming a coach changes their lives in ways that I could never imagine. When people have opportunities to process things through and set their goals it changes everything. That is what I have been learning at CCI. How to ask good questions and let God's Spirit move in people's lives so that they see the future with their eyes and make goals to move in that direction."

Monika Grasley
"I came to CCI with a specific challenge i wanted to change in moving from talking from my story to asking for His glory! My experience catapulted me into self-awareness and embracing how God designed me vs. thinking something wrong with me. The skills taught in trusting the process far surpassed any expectation, then again I serve an amazing God who wishes to abundantly bless should we only ask! Thank you CCI, Janice and team for being true to your calling."

Lisa Henry, CCLC
"If you are looking for a comprehensive coach training program grounded in Biblical values, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and replete with high-quality training in the practice and methodology of coaching, look no further. Janice LaVore-Fletcher has created a program that will change you from the inside out, give you the tools and techniques necessary to coach with skill and expertise, and will lay the foundation necessary to build a thriving practice. Going above and beyond, Janice has also created a coaching community that extends beyond the classroom with the CCI Alumni group! The on-going support from Janice and the group is tremendous . I thank God for Janice and for CCI!"

Anita Albert Watson
"I came into the program feeling a bit intimidated by the term Life Coach. I was not sure that I had what it takes to be a life coach. But like Janice said at the very beginning of the program "trust the process". I learnt to let go and to trust God and the process. I found that I had more in me than I thought and that being a life coach was something I could really do. I thank for the opportunity I had to work with Janice and the team at CCI."

Margaret Savory
"I had a clear prompting of God to sign up for this course. I signed up out of obedience without seeing the bigger picture, but knowing He would lead. In this course, much has opened up to me and He has revealed His wise counsel through many of the principles taught. My desire is not just to 'coach' people, but to be a conduit for the Spirit of God to meet us in the sessions and bring His wisdom to light. Janice not only equips us with the training materials, she offers modeling, practice, and inspiration to offer coaching as a means to glorify God."

Cindy Ricker
"Taking the steps towards a career in Christian Coaching was a path seasoned with much prayer and great anticipation. The investment Janice and the staff of Christian Coach Institute made towards delivering a program and ministry that exudes excellence was a tremendous gift and an "exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or think" kind of answer to prayer. The tremendous anointing on Janice's life and training ministry is immediately evident and I continue to be inspired by her commitment to excellence and coaching which is fully inspired by the love and grace of God. To God be the glory for His work through Christian Coach Institute. I am grateful to have been aligned with the program and such an amazing mentor through Janice. Without hesitation, I recommend this program to any one seeking the highest standards in professional Christian coach training."

Keitra Robinson, CDC
"I wasn't sure what to expect when I started at CCI. I was looking for clarity and my journey to becoming a coach with CCI gave me just that. Not only did I get clarity but communication skills that I will use and carry for the rest of my life, personally and professionally. It definitely prepared and positioned me for the path God has prepared me for."

Concepta Anderson, CCLC
"Christian Coach Institute has equipped me with the proper skills to help my clients. I have been helping individuals for years in my business with goal setting skills, but Christian Coach Institute gave me an amazing education taking the goal setting skills to a whole new level. I now can coach my clients with confidence and a complete guarantee that they will move in the direction of their dreams. Janice and her team have a gift that I have not experienced with any other coaching program."

Susie Tatum, CPLC, CDC
"Before enrolling in CCI's program I did a lot of research looking for the best coaching schools, both secular and Christian. From my first contact with CCI until the end of the program, it exceeded my expectations. I am particularly impressed that Janice does not believe learning ends at graduation. Monthly Smart Calls, monthly Certification calls, and frequent Alumni posts keeps the learning processes ongoing. The fact that I continually refer to my CCI resources with each new client is a powerful testament to the value of this program. I have thanked God many times for leading me to Janice and the Christian Coach Institute. CCI has given me the tools and confidence to carry out my aspiration to be a life coach and to have a powerful impact on the lives of those I work with."

Terry Kenney