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Activities and Icebreakers for DISC

DISC Cards

Activities-and-Icebreakers-for-DISCYour DISC-GO Card Deck enables you to conduct card-based activities and icebreakers for DISC workshops and trainings. The deck contains 52 color-coded cards; 13 descriptors that describe each of the four DISC profiles. Each profile is color-coded. D = Green, I = Red, S = Blue, and Tan = C.

DISC-GO cards are used to create fun and creative icebreakers and training activities in both group and individual settings. These activities help to introduce individuals and group participants to the four DISC profiles, build awareness around both individual and team strengths and to increase training effectiveness. The cards are a great way for people to introduce themselves to other participants in a class, or to use as a “group mingle” activity to start a class. In a group, or organizational setting, these cards can be used in activities and icebreakers for DISC to help team members appreciate the strengths of others and facilitate improved communications.

DISC-Cards-for-Activities-and-IcebreakersThese are just a few benefits and ideas on how you can use the DISC-GO Card Deck for activities. Other ideas are described in the set of instructions that are included with the cards. You can also create your own DISC activities!

Complete instructions and several ideas for DISC activities and icebreakers are included with each deck of DISC-GO cards. A single deck of cards is sufficient for up to 12 people, so consider ordering the number of decks required for the size of groups that you anticipate working with.

The Value of Using DISC-GO Cards

  • Adds Effectiveness & Fun to Icebreakers
  • Increases Training Effectiveness
  • Facilitates Team Building
  • Enhances Communications Among Team Members


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