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Self Care Tips for Christian Life Coaches

“Self care” has become a buzzword. Americans are spending excessive money on fitness, specialty foods, and the latest advice from the bestseller list. As a Christian coach, it’s essential you attend to your own wellness – but at what price? What self care practices are essential for a balanced mind, body, and spirit? Despite all the latest fads and options on the market, God designed us with basic needs that we can meet with little cost and a high return on our investment.

Why is Self Care Important for Coaches?

First, practicing self care is necessary for professional Christian coaches to stay productive and passionate about our work. When we make our own needs a priority, the natural outflow is compassion for others. This leads to a desire to give back, which is reflected in our coaching relationships. Perhaps that’s why Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves, not instead of ourselves. If we neglect our personal needs, we will eventually experience illness or spiritual fatigue. 


Furthermore, if God loves us deeply, why should we treat ourselves any differently? As individuals made in His image, He desires we see ourselves as worthy of care and deserving of affection. If we neglect our needs, we discount our value and refuse to receive the abundant life Jesus sacrificed his life to provide for us. 


Finally, coaches who put their needs first set an example. Many in ministry give too much time and energy to others, disrupting their families and compromising their walk with God. By modeling self-care, we inspire our clients and communities to live healthier, more productive lives in their own circles of influence. 


Ten Easy Self Care Tips for Christian Life Coaches

So where can you start adding self-care into your life? Simplicity is important to avoid accidentally adding stress. Start with just one or two steps below to include in your routine. Build your routine slowly so the changes stick: 

1. Laugh! You’d be surprised how this changes your body chemistry for the better in real time! 

2.Say “No” sometimes so you can say “Yes” to self care!  You can’t fill other cups when yours is empty!

3.Make time for silence and solitude. While this may be uncomfortable at first, it’s absolutely essential to staying in touch with God and your present reality.

4.Find your tribe. Spend time regularly with people who allow you to share what you are thinking and feeling with acceptance and love. 

5.Eat well 80% of the time. Give yourself grace to slack off or celebrate with the other 20%. Perfection is stressful! 

6.Practice prevention. Book all your regular check-ups as a gift to yourself, rather than a chore. 

7.Do something new. When we stop learning, we stop becoming all God intended. 

8.Rest. Remember, rejuvenation isn’t always about getting more sleep; sometimes it’s simply doing something you love alone or with others.

9.Manage your schedule. Even if you value flexibility, plan your week with blocks of time for coaching, marketing, family, fun and exercise. What else is essential to your day? 

10.Be true to yourself. Living an inauthentic life strains your relationships with yourself, others and God. It can even impact your health.

Self Care is Worth the Investment

Taking care of yourself has a huge return in terms of your productivity and joy. Keep it simple by following the above steps on a regular basis and you will experience results in your own life, as well as inspire those around you to take better care of themselves. 


Keep in mind, however, that prioritizing your self-care doesn’t mean that your needs always come first. When a crisis hits, you’ll be prepared to give everything until the storm passes. Facing a crisis in a depleted state of mind or body can lead to a break down, rather than a break through.


If you want to be a care-FULL coach, keep asking for what you need and finding ways to top up your tank.

What can you do today to support your health and wellbeing?

What are a few of your favorite self care tips for Christian Life Coaches?


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