1. “Self care” has become a buzzword. Americans are spending excessive money on fitness, specialty foods, and the latest advice from the bestseller list. As a Christian coach, it’s essential you attend to your own wellness – but at what price? What self care practices are essential for a balanced mind, body, and spirit? Despite all the latest fads and options on the market, God designed us with basic needs that we can meet with little cost and a high return on our investment.

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  2. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”  -1 Thessalonians 5:11

    Last year, I was privileged enough to see a wonder of nature happening right in my own backyard. It was time for several baby chickadees to learn to fly and their home was all aflutter! The three little babies (or “the three brothers” as I liked to call them) nervously hopped around the ledge of the birdhouse, afraid to take “the leap,” while the mama and daddy birds “talked” back and forth with their little ones. They never got impatient or domineering, and they never took over and moved the baby birds to the ground themselves. Instead, they encouraged and supported them from close by, and showed them how to leap safely to the ground. Read More ›

  3. In the 80’s and 90’s, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were all the rage. Readers could choose how their story would go, as well as one of over 40 different endings. Of course, I would usually take it a step further and glance ahead at my two choices to see what would happen, so I knew which one to follow. Read More ›

  4. When we are children, there are almost no limits to the amount of wonder and excitement we have about the world around us. We could have an adventure playing in the backyard or just going to the grocery store. It didn’t matter if it was the first time we’d done something or the hundredth, we could still have a blast every time. When you’re young, there are naturally going to be lots of “firsts” – walking, talking, going off to school, learning to ride a bicycle, etc. But just because you’ve grown up, doesn’t mean you have to stop experiencing the world with curiosity and a sense of wonder. Read More ›