Self Care Tips for Christian Life Coaches

“Self care” has become a buzzword. Americans are spending excessive money on fitness, specialty foods, and the latest advice from the bestseller list. As a Christian coach, it’s essential you attend to your own wellness – but at what price? What self care practices are essential for a balanced mind, body, and spirit? Despite all the latest fads and options on the market, God designed us with basic needs that we can meet with little cost and a high return on our investment.

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Helping Coaches Build Healthy Boundaries

Christ-centered coaches are often innately relational and compassionate individuals. Often, this deep-seated concern for others well-being is a major factor in becoming a coach. However, while having a generous spirit is foundational in developing trust with clients and deepening their walk with Christ, it can contribute to weak boundaries.

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Learning To Say “No” With Grace

How to say no with graceWe all have a dozen requests for our attention, commitment and time on a daily basis, likely maybe even more than that.  It is no wonder that saying “no” to things is so difficult.  After all we live in a world where we can truly have it all, right?

That may be true, but it is important that we learn to say, “no”.  Saying no fits in with drawing boundaries, having margins and good self care.  All three are important for us to ultimately live our lives in a way where we don’t feel overwhelmed.  Most of us have enough on our plates than to be a “yes” man or woman to everyone who comes at us with requests, even good requests like serving on a committee at church.  The fact is the requests themselves aren’t a “bad” thing but over committing and overextending ourselves can be.

The truth is you do not have to over explain or defend yourself when someone comes to you with a request that you know you do not have the time or energy to fulfill.  The important thing is to be honest with them about your time commitments and your need to set boundaries in your life.

You must realize that over time saying yes to every request can make you feel negative, obligated and may lead to resentment for you in the future.  It is not worth risking this and your personal life to say “yes” to every request that comes your way.  Simply learn to say, “No” with grace.