Self Care Tips for Christian Life Coaches

“Self care” has become a buzzword. Americans are spending excessive money on fitness, specialty foods, and the latest advice from the bestseller list. As a Christian coach, it’s essential you attend to your own wellness – but at what price? What self care practices are essential for a balanced mind, body, and spirit? Despite all the latest fads and options on the market, God designed us with basic needs that we can meet with little cost and a high return on our investment.

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Coaching for Self-Care: How to Avoid Burnout

Do coaches get “burnout”?
Sure. You bet. Coaches are human.  And, it is important for your coach training program to teach and encourage coaching students to practice good self-care habits. I invite you to pause for a few minutes to refresh, renew and focus on these ten daily delicious habits of mind, body and spirit “self care” habits. Read More ›

Coaching Minute: Tips on Getting Things Done Today

Most of us begin each day with a long list of tasks on our “to do” list, all of them calling our name. And, most likely the list is in both our personal and our professional life. It is a common request among coaching clients to ask for support in how to get re-focused and create boundaries and get more done in their day. With so many demands, one can easily feel overwhelmed and lost focus on the big picture.

How many times have you looked back at the end of the day, wondering what was accomplished?

Let’s look at a few ways to get re-focused, and back on track today. And, do it again tomorrow until new habits are formed.

Tips to refocus and re- energize to feel accomplished at the end of today:

to-do-list-in-coaching1. Eliminate the distractions. Get rid of the barriers that are causing you to avoid getting things done – it’s that simple! Forget about checking email every five minutes; those emails will still be there when you complete your task. Make a list of the distractions, and eliminate them. Here are a few most of us can relate to:

  • Set all phones, (yes that includes your smart phone) on silent for a while and give yourself permission to let voice mail take over
  • Close the blinds in your office if you find the outdoors distracting you
  • Turn off the radio, stock market reports, tv
  • If you are not on the computer, turn off all the bells and whistles and turfn away from the monitor and try to avoid looking at the screen until the task at hand is completed
  • Temporarily close the door to your office to allow for privacy and reduce the number of “drop ins”. Sometimes, you may also want to hang a friendly note on the door asking not to be disturbed and post the time you will be available.
  • Do It, Delegate It, or Defer It! You have only these 3 options when going thru your paperwork and emails.. Do it if it takes less than 2 miutes. Delegate it – if the action will take longer than 2 minutes ask yourself “am I the right person to do this? If the answer is no, delegate it to the appropriate person. Defer it if the action will take longer than 2 minutes, and you are the right person to do it. Schedule the time on your calendar as needed.

2. Prioritize your work or it will prioritize for you! Rather than working on projects simultaneously, take one thing at a time, focus on it, and worry about all the other projects later. Ultimately, you’ll get a lot more done and you’ll finish it more quickly. You’ll also be recognized by the high quality that you deliver when you’re free from distractions. Find a way to prioritize what works best for you. Choose either the project that has the earliest deadline or the one with the least components so you can finish it quickly and get it out of the way. There are pros and cons to both systems so tackle it whichever way works for you. Read More ›