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Goals and Planning for New Year

 What I learned from Psalm 37 as I set goals for New Year. 
At the beginning of each new year, I like to write a post on setting  SMART goals and priorities  and goal setting.  In fact, I  enjoy the whole process of setting goals and planning and seeking Godly wisdom and discernment.  I love reviewing my goals regularly and setting mile stones and celebrating along the way.  I set goals in several areas of my life, ie.  faith, health, professional, financial, and relationship. And as I pray and meditate and seek God’s direction and discernment, I am reminded of how God’s Word gives us such perfect instruction in every area of our lives.

For example, Psalm 37:
1. Do not worry, fret (vs 1)

Remember the lilies of the field; stay in today, tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own

2. Do good (vs 3 & 27 – This one is so important He listed it twice in this chapter)

This doesn’t have to be big and flashy things, maybe pray for someone hurting; do something nice for someone in need; make Random Acts of Kindness a daily routine 

3. Delight in the Lord (vs 4 & 23 – Twice again)

Sing praise and worship music whenever you can; share with others God’s goodness

4. Commit your way to the Lord (vs 5) 

Meditate on His Word every morning;  be in fellowship with others 

5. Be still before the Lord (vs 7)

Sit quietly and worship – quiet your mind and when a thought pops in , dismiss it and return to simply being quiet and still before the Lord

6. Avoid being angry (vs 8)

 Forgive (even when I think I am in the right); let go of past disappointments

7. Be meek (vs 11)

This one was a little hard for me to wrap my head around. The world looks at meekness as a negative. My prayer – God reveal to me how to be meek.

8. Enjoy peace and prosperity (vs 11)

Share my gifts with others; share myself with others

9. Be content with what I have (vs 16)

Be thankful; tune out commercials telling me I need more and more

10. Be blameless (vs 18)

 I’m not perfect and I mess up every day. I will continue to seek to be more like Christ .

11. Give generously (vs 21)

Give away unneeded things to the Veterans, or Men’s and Women’s Shelters, or Goodwill or Salvation Army. How many extra coats and sweaters do you have that you never wear?  Will you REALLY wear those shoes  that you’ve had in a box – never worn? 

12. Speak wisely and just (vs 30)

Ok, two ears and one mouth – listen more!  Ask, how can I build someone up today? How may I encourage another? 

13. Hope in the Lord (vs 34)

Know HE holds the future – back up to #1 – avoid worry.

14. Seek peace (vs 37)

I want to remember to ask,  “tell me more because I want to hear and understand….” And open my  heart.

What scriptures guide you as  you set goals for the coming year?

May you and yours  enjoy a blessed and beautiful 2014!

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