Goal Setting and Scriptures

Do you ever think about how you might incorporate your faith into your goal setting process? When you take a moment to pause and think about it, are you unsure of where to start? It might seem challenging at first, but with Christ’s strength and guidance, we can absolutely combine the two! Sound good?! Let’s dive in. Read More ›

SMART Goals for 2018

What goal will have the biggest impact on your life when met?
If you see the glass as half-full then you know that you still have time to meet your goals for this year, especially if you use the SMART Goal formula. SMART = Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic, Timeframe.   Ok, you noticed I have A = ACTION while most models use Attainable, right?  Well, I’ve adjusted the acronym a little and will keep attainable with realistic.  I like the word ACTION so we can keep a focus  on action steps! Read More ›

Key to Goal Achievement: Accountability

As Christians, the concept of accountability comes up frequently when discussing ways to correct sinful behaviors. Usually, either an accountability partner or a small group will address the unwanted issues with you and check in regularly to make sure you are staying on track and making the right changes in your life. Read More ›

Goals and Planning for New Year

 What I learned from Psalm 37 as I set goals for New Year. 
At the beginning of each new year, I like to write a post on setting  SMART goals and priorities  and goal setting.  In fact, I  enjoy the whole process of setting goals and planning and seeking Godly wisdom and discernment.  I love reviewing my goals regularly and setting mile stones and celebrating along the way.  I set goals in several areas of my life, ie.  faith, health, professional, financial, and relationship. And as I pray and meditate and seek God’s direction and discernment, I am reminded of how God’s Word gives us such perfect instruction in every area of our lives. Read More ›