New Year, BIG Vision

New Year, BIG Vision!


With the new year in full swing, how many of you are trying to wrap your head around the fact that it’s a new decade as well?! 2020 begs for the start of something new, different, and BIG! Could this be the year or decade where your vision becomes clearer and you actively walk into your calling?The new year always seems to start strong with big ambitions, but few take the time to document their vision or dream. Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote states this perfectly, “when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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How to Get a Handle on The Big Picture

Have you ever found yourself so absorbed in a task whether business or personal, that you obsess over the minute details… the size of the font on a presentation, the outfit your child is wearing in their school photo, the dimensions of your office compared to your coworker’s down the hall? Have you gotten so lost in the little ins and outs of everyday life that you’ve forgotten about the big picture? Read More ›

Getting In Touch With Your “Why”

At some point or another, we all wonder WHY.  Why am I the person I am?  Why do I have the skills and abilities that I have?  Why am I here? We may wish the skies would open up and God would speak directly to us and say, “THIS is why you are here… insert purpose/mission.”  But that is most likely not going to happen in this lifetime.  However, that doesn’t mean that He won’t still lead and guide you if you ask and listen for Him.  Ask God to guide you and open up opportunities for you that will use the gifts He has given you to help others and to bring Him glory. Each of us has our own unique set of gifts and talents that God blessed us with before we were even born.  Even if you’re not sure exactly what your “purpose” is, you probably know what your gifts are.  They are what led you to pursue a career in coaching. Read More ›

Goals and Planning for New Year

 What I learned from Psalm 37 as I set goals for New Year. 
At the beginning of each new year, I like to write a post on setting  SMART goals and priorities  and goal setting.  In fact, I  enjoy the whole process of setting goals and planning and seeking Godly wisdom and discernment.  I love reviewing my goals regularly and setting mile stones and celebrating along the way.  I set goals in several areas of my life, ie.  faith, health, professional, financial, and relationship. And as I pray and meditate and seek God’s direction and discernment, I am reminded of how God’s Word gives us such perfect instruction in every area of our lives. Read More ›