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SMART Goals for 2018

What goal will have the biggest impact on your life when met?
If you see the glass as half-full then you know that you still have time to meet your goals for this year, especially if you use the SMART Goal formula. SMART = Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic, Timeframe.   Ok, you noticed I have A = ACTION while most models use Attainable, right?  Well, I’ve adjusted the acronym a little and will keep attainable with realistic.  I like the word ACTION so we can keep a focus  on action steps!

• Specific: Identify exactly what you want. Describe the outcome in detail stating your goal in positive terms. Describe it in terms of what you want rather than what you don’t want.  What exactly do you want to accomplish?  How will you know when you have reached your desired outcome?  What will you see, hear, and feel when you achieve the goal?

Describe Goal Outcome:


• Measurable: Quantify your outcomes – how much, how big, what size, etc. Is your goal testable and measurable? Answer the following questions in regard to achieving your desired outcome?

What will you be measuring?  
What are your milestones?  
When can you start?  
How long will it take?  
When will it be completed?  


• Action: Plan your work; work your plan.  Prioritize the many tasks at hand.

What tasks come to mind that would be required to accomplish your goal?


• Realistic:  Be realistic about what it will take to accomplish the outcome and make a reasonable stretch. Is achieving the outcome within your control? Can your goal be initiated and maintained by you? If achieving the outcome is not within your control, either redesign it so it is, or let go of it. You can only control yourself, and that’s challenging enough.


• Time Targets: Designate a target date for starting ___/___/___ and completing ___/___/___ the goal.

Now that you have identified and clarified your goal, who will hold you accountable?  Who will hold your vision for you when you hit a roadblock or a setback? According to a client survey by ICF (International Coach Federation), 62.4% of the clients surveyed said they were more successful in achieving goals with a coach by their side.

 Is it time to hire a coach as your partner to help you meet your goals?

Or is it time for YOU to become a coach to help others achieve their goals? 

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Janice LaVore-Fletcher, PCC, CMC, As Founder and President of Christian Coach Institute, LLC, I have a passion for helping coaches become highly competent, confident, and fiercely courageous coaches. I want you to be well equipped to step out boldly and “be” and do the work you feel GOD is calling you to do.