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Encouragement to Soar – A Lesson from Chickadees

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”  -1 Thessalonians 5:11

Last year, I was privileged enough to see a wonder of nature happening right in my own backyard. It was time for several baby chickadees to learn to fly and their home was all aflutter! The three little babies (or “the three brothers” as I liked to call them) nervously hopped around the ledge of the birdhouse, afraid to take “the leap,” while the mama and daddy birds “talked” back and forth with their little ones. They never got impatient or domineering, and they never took over and moved the baby birds to the ground themselves. Instead, they encouraged and supported them from close by, and showed them how to leap safely to the ground.

It took hours, but after taking little steps closer and closer to the edge each time, the baby birds finally leaped to the ground (since chickadees learn to fly from the ground), trusting the safety of their landing. But the dutiful parents didn’t stop there. Once the babies were on the ground, they stayed there with them, continuing to encourage and support them.

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I couldn’t help but to think how similar this was to our role as Professional Christian Life Coaches.

Often, our clients know where they want to go and maybe even what they need to do to get there, but they’re afraid to take the “leap.” It is not our job to take over and do it for them or to push them when they are not ready. But by patiently encouraging and supporting them as they take steps (sometimes baby steps) toward their goal, we can help them to have the courage to jump on their own!

Our roles do not end when our clients “take the leap.” They may have reached the goal, but they can still use you on the sidelines, as their champion to encourage them onward and upward and helping them.

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What steps are your clients taking toward their goals?

How can you support and encourage them to take the “leap”?

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Janice LaVore-Fletcher, PCC, CMC, As Founder and President of Christian Coach Institute, LLC, I have a passion for helping coaches become highly competent, confident, and fiercely courageous coaches. I want you to be well equipped to step out boldly and “be” and do the work you feel GOD is calling you to do.