100% Belief in God’s Promises

How strong is your belief in God’s promises? Let’s get real and ask some tough questions. How many times do we end up relying on our own devices and decision making and not turning toward God?

Have you ever stopped to think if your life may be different if you learned to believe 100% and have enough faith to allow God to fulfill his promises to us?

It’s that little voice in your head whispering nasty little lies such as:

  • “I’m going to fail as a coach”
  • “She/He is so much better than me.”
  • “I have invested so much money on education for nothing”
  • “I am too busy, too pressured, too this or that.”

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Are You Keeping Your Priorities Straight?

In today’s busy world of multi-tasking, it is easy to feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions at once.  Trying to split yourself between your spouse, your job, your children, your friends and your church, can often leave you feeling exhausted and without any time for yourself. We all have a lot on our plates and maybe that won’t change; however, we can change how we handle the many things vying for our attention. Read More ›

Core Values: How Clear Are Your Core Values?

Core Values Exercise:

How clear are your core values? Clear values motivate us. Clear values help us make decisions. Clear values are the foundation for growth. Clear values bring greater inner peace. What are your Top 5 Values? Read More ›

7 Steps to Building An Effective Mission Statement

If you HAD to tell someone your mission statement, would it roll off your tongue effortlessly?  Or, would you have a puzzled look and give a response similar to “I have thought about it, but never really clarified it or written it down. Let me get back to you on that.”  Or, maybe give a vague “I want to make a difference.”  While “making a difference” is a good start, you may want to be a little more clear what you are making a difference for and about.

Bottom line, if you haven’t written a mission statement, here are seven tips that will help you clarify and finally get it on paper. Read More ›