Christian Coaching: The Call to Servant Leadership

As coaches we use many unique skills and spiritual gifts in building our ministry or business. However, we are all called to participate in God’s greater purpose for our life as servant leaders.

What defines a servant leader?

While our culture tends to recognize leaders as those with a particular skill set or personality, servant leadership isn’t based on talent or position; rather, it’s God’s high call on everyone’s life who is committed to following Jesus. Read More ›

Are You Living in Your Sweet Spot?

How do you coach your clients to live in their “sweet spot?”

At Christian Coach Institute, we train our coaches on how to help clients understand, and embrace their personality traits, life and career experiences, talents and strengths, spiritual gifts and core values.  The convergence of all of these is your client’s “sweet spot.”  And then we train you on how to help your clients “live” in their sweet spot. Curious to learn more about your own “sweet spot”? Read More ›

Christian Life Coaching – Heart of a Coach

How do you develop the heart of a coach?

One of my favorite books on coaching is Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus and we list several of his books on our resource page.  I believe that developing the heart of a coach is THE core competency of a Christian Life Coach, and this is the foundation upon which we build all other coaching competencies.

Read More ›

How Coaching and Leadership Tie Together

What traits do great Christian coaches and great Christian leaders have in common? Although there are many we could identify in this brief blog post, I have chosen to focus on these seven traits: Read More ›