How Coaches Can Avoid the Trap of Comparison

Few coaches ever arrive at the end of their career without having walked into the trap of comparison. New coaches, in particular, are vulnerable to looking right and left at more experienced coaches as they assess their God-given calling. In this post, we will explore how coaches can avoid the trap of comparison to other coaches.  Read More ›

Silence in Coaching Makes Room for Grace

In today’s world of “go…go… go,” it’s easy to feel rushed to do everything. Rushed to get things accomplished, rushed to get where you’re going and rushed to make decisions.

But one of the best things we can do for our clients is to slow down and give them “grace space.”

Slow down and give your #coaching clients 'grace space' #CCI Click To TweetWhen we ask our clients a question, it is not our job to immediately jump in with a follow-up question. Instead, we need to pause and allow them time to really process the question and become more deeply aware of the situation before they answer. Read More ›

How to Create a Safe Place in Coaching

How does a coach create a safe place for the client?

One of the Best Practices in coaching is creating a safe place for your client where the client is free to share hopes, dreams  and yes, even fears with the coach. Here are 3 tips to help you create a safe place for clients: Read More ›

I’m Stuck!

I’m Just Stuck!

Todd Blake, Kunming Coaching

Coaches are motivated people.  They get things done and they help their clients “get it done,” too.  So, sometimes, it can be difficult to understand why a client is stuck where they are.  There are a lot of reasons, but here are a few taken from Gary Collin’s great work, Christian Coaching. Read More ›