Christian Life Coach Training and Certification

How to Become a Life Coach

Our Training Approach

Training students how to become a Professional Life Coach is our focus at Christian Coach Institute. We use adult learning techniques to teach internationally-recognized coaching skills while using the Christian Coaching Model. Our coach training typically occurs in small groups over the telephone in a webinar-type classroom environment from a student’s home or other convenient location. Our Life Coach students interact with one another in an online ‘classroom,’ are assigned a buddy student for many assignments, and receive one-on-one coaching from one of our coaches on staff so they can experience a coach-client relationship. As a fully licensed IAC Coaching Masteries School, and ICF Approved Coach Training Program (80 ICF Hours), our comprehensive life coaching program prepares our students in coaching excellence. We are an approved ICF Coach Training School and our program exceeds the training hours’ required to become a certified coach with the ICF.

Coaching Competencies and Masteries
As you research how to become a Life Coach, it is important to know what training and certifications are available. Christian Coach Institute teaches the internationally recognized coaching competencies through a rigorous certification process that promotes coaching excellence and professionalism. We are approved ICF Coach Training provider for 80 hours of coach training and also a Licensed IAC Coaching Masteries School, and a training provider for the CCE for their Board Certified Coach credential. We are one of the only coach training providers approved by all 3 organizations. Learning how to become a life coach includes becoming skilled in the use of each of the masteries and competencies recognized by these two organizations.

The Value of Assessments
Learning how to become a life coach includes understanding the value of using and applying the insights gained through various assessments. Assessments addressing personal growth, spiritual growth and communication styles can help both the Life Coach and the person being coached gain insight and appreciation for their uniqueness, strengths and God-given gifts. Christian Coach Institute utilizes several assessments within the Certified Christian Life Coach training program. We also offer DISC certification and training for anyone interested in becoming a Certified DISC Consultant and using assessments in your coaching business.

Free “Introductory to Life Coach Training” Webinars
To help you understand how to become a life coach we offer free introductory webinars on a regular basis. These webinars provide a thorough understanding of the content of our course, instructional methods used and certification requirements. We encourage you to sign up for this free webinar to find out more about how to become a Life Coach by visiting Webinars About Christian Life Coaching.

To learn more about how to become a Life Coach, please visit the Christian Life Coaching Frequently Asked Questions page or the Life Coaching Courses page.