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Life Values Resources

Life Coaching Assessment Tool

The 10 Life Harmony Assessments can be used by coaches repeatedly with multiple clients, and include a scoring guide to help your coaching process be uniquely client-focused.

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Values Assessment Tool

The best decisions are in alignment with our core values. The FREE Life Harmony Values Worksheet assesses which values are most important to a person. This is also a tool that you as a life coach might find valuable to use with your clients.

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Life Values Cards

Life Harmony Values Cards

The 52 Life Harmony Values Cards are pre-printed with words such as creativity, loyalty, forgiveness and teamwork so that your clients can identify and record the values that are most meaningful to them. Each value card has a corresponding affirmation and scripture.

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DISC Go Cards

DISC Cards for Activities and Workshops

DISC-GO card deck contains 52 total cards, 13 color-coded descriptors for each of the 4 DISC profiles and instructions on how to create your own fun and creative icebreakers and other activities in your DISC workshops and life coaching.

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7 must-have coaching forms

Life Coaching Forms

7 Must-Have Forms
Forms that life coaches need to build a successful business. Join the “Christian Coach Newsletter” and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit!

Business Tools for Life Coaches

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